PS4 MATRIXKEY (MTX KEY) Released and Despatch to All Reseller !


*Compatible with Models PS4 10, 11 & PS4 Slim 12

*6x Wire Installation for an Easy Install!

*Compatible with PS4 Firmware 4.72

*Allows you to move your downloaded Games to your Hard drive


>Install Diagram: Email or Inquiry Reseller. Or Download here:

.........PS4 Matrixkey Install Instruction......


The E3/Matrixode TEAM verification, the latest firmware 4.60 increases the new verification mechanism on 3K console . E3/Matrixode TEAM are looking for solutions, the E3/Matrixode ODE PRO user on 3k console temporarily don't upgrade firmware 4.60.


 Matrix ode / E3 PKG INSTALL 1.3 Released


Matrixode/E3 OS 2.12 release, add the following functions
1: Increase the folder format than 4G file support. To further improve the folder format game support.

2: Adding a special format keys file support, users only need to copy the keys.db file to the hard disk root directory.

At the same time, the one key install unofficial PKG software v1.2 released, user press joypad square buttons to install multiple unofficial PKG file.

Also released an official proposal Matrixode/E3 ODE PRO motherboard installation. This way you can effectively avoid the motherboard deformation caused by improper installation , thereby damaging the Matrixode/E3 ODE PRO motherboard drawbacks. 

Matrixode/E3TEAM still make every effort to study better ways to bypass 4K 4.55 . We have invested enormous human and material resources ,and hope that we have the luck to get what we need .


New Matrix HITACHI DL 10N LTU2 released

More Easy Installation and user manual video !


Released MATRIX ODE for 4k version 4.55 installation and user manual video!

(Install test by china reseller)

Install test by George

please use blue-ray disk good quality!.if below 4.55,please dont update !

Matrix ODE PRO Installation Manual for 4.55 completed 


The new Matrixode OS 2.1and Matrixode Manager 2.0 release, all users will have the following functions after upgrade to Matrixode/E3 OS 2.1 and Matrixode/E3 Manager 2.0:

1: one key install official PKG file
2: PS1 game support
3: BD MOVIE ISO support to play directly
4: DVD MOVIE ISO support to play directly
5: Further improve the support folder format PS3 games

Matrixode/E3TEAM will add the following new function in the next upgrade E3 OS 2.2, and more new features do please look forward to!.

1: Enhance the performance of Matrixode/E3 ODE PRO
2: install Unofficial PKG file
3: PSN game support

Matrixode/E3TEAM as PS3 ODE industry pioneer,will vigorously advance and innovate,bring even more enriching experience for all users.


 4k 4.55 supports in 1-2 weeks !

Please don't update your ps3 console 4k version from 4.53 to 4.55 before our new software released!


2014 Happy New Year and good luck! Here, Matrixode/E3 TEAM sincere thanks to each user's trust and support. Because of you,Matrixode/ E3TEAM can continue to progress and innovation. Because of you, Matrixode/E3TEAM will work harder to forge ahead in 2014 to release more new features and products, feedback to every Matrixode/E3 user.

Meanwhile, Matrixode OS 1.38 was released, it adds support for Blu-ray movie ISO . All users can upgrade to 1.38 and watch HD movies fluently. (the way which select Blu ray movies ISO is same as select game)


Happy New Year . In the country to celebrate the holidays ,Matrixode/ E3TEAM still silently effort , trying to make every Matrixode/E3 users get a better experience. We are glad to tell you , Matrixode/E3 ODE PRO will usher in a revolutionary new features , players will soon be more relaxed, more simple smooth play PS3 games. Specific functions will be informed later.
Meanwhile, Matrixode/E3 Manager 1.02 released, adds support for large-capacity ( single files larger than 4G) MP4 movies , all the Matrixode/E3 ODE PRO users at Matrixode/E3 OS 1.38 version , you can watch MP4 movies smoothly through Matrixode Manager 1.02.
(MP4 format support required for the PS3 format, put the MP4 file on the root directory of USB HDD)


The world's largest user-selected E3/Matrix ODE PRO ushered in the first new important feature of 2014, E3/Matrix ISO Maker. All E3/Matrix ODE PRO users to upgrade to E3/Matrix OS 1.35 will be able to use the E3/Matrix ISO Maker, which can be used to generate ISO files from the original or burn discs with PS3. By E3/Matrix ISO Maker, all E3/Matrix ODE PRO users can enjoy the game more easily and more quickly.


Matrixode USB STICK released in December 25th . All Matrixode shipped after December 25 that contains this special USB STICK

New usb reader


Merry Xmas ! Matrixode new Manager 1.31 update released . The new version further enhancesMatrixode stability and solve some of the games background can not display correctly in Matrixode Manager


MATRIXODE new Manager is now available !



Matrixode Manager will be updated & released soon !


Matrixode products 1 years Warranty !

Matrixode price 1 years Guarantee the cheapest ps3 ode on the markets!


MATRIX ODE installation and user manual video!


Matrix ODE , the world's best PS3 ODE , No eject, No restart, easy upgrade and easy use !


Matrix ODE works on all slim console include 2xxx, 3xxx and 4xxx .

Features List:
•No eject and NO restart
•Select game and run automatically
•Supports all slim PS3's including previously "unbreakable" 2k5,3k and 4k systems!
•Select game, switch game and switch mode from matrix OS directly !
•Play games on ODE mode or BD drive mode
• Homebrew supported
•Easy upgrade and easy use
•Updatable via USB storage
•High quality components used throughout
•Built at a high tech facility
•Easy installation on 25xx,3xxx and 4xxx series Slim and Super Slim series consoles with solder board (quick solder board)
•Advanced software onboard and frequent free updates
•BD Movie support to follow (In a future update)
•PS1 and PS2 ISO support to follow ( in a future update)
•Supports most file systems, including NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended

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